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Sculpture Painting


Sculpture painting is a technique - or more accurately a collection of different techniques - I have developed to create dramatic textures and flows.

I call it Sculpture Painting because that is literally what it is. I apply a variety of mixed media including wax, clay, acrylic paste and other media using paint brushes and various applicators to paint the piece.

Once done, the 'clay' is then cast in bronze using a combination of the Lost Wax method and Sand Casting just as a regular sculpture would be cast.

My sculpture paintings are, like regular paintings, designed to be

mounted on a wall.

My first sculpture painting, "Whirlwind" is an abstract depiction of a storm system combining the elemental forces of nature.


The language of abstraction though lends itself to multiple interpretations and in the case of "Whirlwind" this might be order versus chaos, violence versus calm, nature and nurture or innumerable alternative translations.


Sculpture Painting lends itself to interior or outside display and can easily be adapted through commission to create stunning, bespoke table tops, room or space dividers, flooring or entire walls.  

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