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Portrait of Sculptor Adrian Flanagan

Adrian Flanagan sculpts African wildlife, British wildlife, birds of prey and marine life in clay, polymer clay, plastilin (wax/clay mix) and a variety of mixed media seeking to capture the essence of the subject through movement, expression and pose. Adrian's wildlife pieces, all limited editions, are moulded and cast in bronze at the Talos Art Foundry in Hampshire.

He has also developed a series of techniques to combine his love of abstract art and sculpture by 'painting' wax and other media onto board which is then cast in bronze. His Sculpture Painting is a unique interpretation of artistic expression. 


His portfolio is expanding to include abstract visual art.

Adrian Flanagan was born in Nairobi, Kenya. He was educated at Stonyhurst College then studied pre-clinical medicine at King's College, London before completing a degree in Osteopathic Medicine where his interest in anatomy and biomechanics developed.

In business, he co-founded London's first large-scale grocery home delivery service in partnership with a major national supermarket group. The business was sold in 1999.

It was in 2005 that he eventually realised a childhood ambition of sailing singlehanded around the world setting off from the south coast of England on 28 October that year. His route took him south down the Atlantic, around Cape Horn, north up the Pacific Ocean, through the Bering Strait and along Russia's Arctic coast. He returned to England on 21 May 2008 to complete the first 'vertical' solo circumnavigation.

Before Adrian Flanagan became a sculptor of bronze wildlife sculptures he sailed singlehanded round-the-world  and here he is arriving in Honolulu aboard his yacht.
Adrian Flanagan arrives home at the end of the Alpha Global Expedition, his singlehanded round-the-world voyage, to be greeted by the Royal Navy with a cup of tea. Adrian now works as a sculptor creating beautiful bronze sculptures of wildlife in their natural habitats.

Adrian has also written a number of books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Adrian Flanagan is a sculptor of beautiful bronze wildlife sculptures and he is also a round-the-world sailor and author. Here are three of his books titled 'The Cape Horners' Club', 'Over The Top' and 'Cobra'.

As an artist, Adrian is completely self-taught. 'I have always had a fascination with both sculptural form and abstract visual art. It was after sailing around the world, being immersed in the unbridled power of nature that I sensed a shift in my life's priorities and decided to educate myself in the history, knowledge and practice of art.'

'While I have an idea of what I want to create with each piece whether it be representational or abstract, sculpture or painting, I relish that moment when the art begins to live, shaping its own colour, direction, movement and expression, that moment when the work begins to tell its own story.'

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