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Inormation for Buyers

Here is information about purchasing my abstract visual art and bronze sculptures which I hope you will find useful. If there is further information you require, please get in touch via the online email form.


Limited Editions

Each of my sculpture pieces is a limited edition. The size of the edition is given on the Sculpture Gallery page next to the picture of each piece. Each piece is also signed, dated and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


If you would like to buy a particular sculpture but would prefer a different patination (colour and finished effect) to the one shown in the Sculpture Gallery please feel free to discuss this with me.

Casting Material

All my animal sculptures are cast in bronze and silver. If you would prefer another material, stainless steel for example, please let me know.


If you wish to buy a sculpture but it is not immediately available, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your sculpture to be cast.

Foundry and Casting Process

My sculptures are cast at the Talos Art Foundry in Hampshire. The lost wax method is an ancient and fascinating process. If you would like to know more, visit the Talos Art Foundry website.

Abstract Visual Art

My abstract visual art is done using lightfast, archival acrylic paints (colours do not fade with time) on 380gsm strectched canvas. All canvases are primed with two coatings of Gesso and are finished with two coatings of acrylic varnish to protect the paintings against u/v light and dust abrasion.

Prices, commissions and Images


Other Websites Displaying my Sculpture

For UK buyers

the cost of each piece is inclusive except for packaging and delivery which will vary depending on destination. please enquire about prices.

For Overseas Buyers

Additional costs for overseas buyers will be incurred. these include currency exchange differentials, fees for money transfers (these will vary according to service used e.g. direct bank-to-bank transfers, paypal etc), packaging and insurance (if required).


Payment must be sent in full before a new piece is delivered.


I undertake private and corporate commissions. If you would like to discuss a particular subject or project please get in touch with me via the online email form.

Images for Galleries and Press

To download high resolution photography of my work click on the link in the footer below.

Louise Flanagan Photography will open in a separate tab. Click on 'Portfolio' and scroll through to 'Adrian Flanagan Sculpture'.

You can download pictures collectively by clicking the 'Download' button in the top right corner. For an individual image, click on the picture you would like and then click on the 'Download' button in the bottom right corner.

Please credit any photography by copying and pasting the link below.

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